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Entrepreneurs and business owners are placed in the same category, but it’s easy to confuse the two types of professionals. Both types are ambitious, hard working and perseverant. However, entrepreneurs have their own unique characteristics that set them apart from standard business owners. It’s important to know the differences between the two classes of workers.


Risk Taking


Entrepreneurs are known as risk takers who sacrifice their own money, time and effort to start businesses. Business owners are less daring and less willing to make personal sacrifices or put in the manual labor to start a business. Many of them apply business ideas that they know are guaranteed to succeed and do not want to risk losing money.




Entrepreneurs are known to be more innovative and creative while having the same level of intelligence as other business owners. Their creativity allows them to move a step further by creating ideas that few others have thought of and becoming pioneers in their fields. They are usually the first in line to try a new technology or set a new trend that is eventually followed by thousands up to millions of people.




Since many entrepreneurs are not afraid of taking risks, they tend to venture into industries that are new, experimental or constantly changing. Although the Internet and smartphones are not new ideas, there are new sectors of both industries that have been created, such as social media and mobile advertising. Entrepreneurs are drawn to new work areas that are becoming more popular and needed by business owners.


On the other hand, many business owners prefer to take on as little risk as possible and start businesses that are safe and guaranteed to work. They are more willing to borrow bank loans than use their own savings. They’re less willing to obtain expensive loans based on ideas that no one knows will work.


Everyone has heard of entrepreneurs, but few people understand the unique dynamics of their roles. They have more sleepless nights, more worries and more hassles than average business and franchise owners. Regular business owners are safe and comfortable with following standard rules to make profits. Entrepreneurs try to make their own rules while still remaining sensible. Anyone wanting to start a business should know the differences between the two types of careers.